Scott Kay Wedding Rings for women 2014


In this collection, Scott Kay presents a brilliant array of wedding rings for the ladies. The exquisitely crafted treasures come in platinum, palladium, and white or yellow gold , each tailored to your personal desire and, frankly, your credit card! You can begin with the central stone of your choice and surround it with as many more as you like in any setting you can dream. The only limits on the arrangement of Scott Kay’s diamonds are the size of her finger and the scope of your imagination. You may choose the quality of the stones and how many carats to display: the greater the weight the brighter the blaze!




Bands, stones, and settings in all styles can be combined to match your vision: fluted, engraved, domed, knife-edge, rope, milgrain, square, princess, baguette, round, bead, pronged, two-row, bar, channel, pavé… The very language of these rings speaks of romance. If you want something still breathtaking but perhaps less glittering, you can select your favorite ring elegantly engraved with Art Deco motifs or geometrical or floral designs. Whether you choose a simple or intricate pattern, the embellishment can represent your love with private meanings while central stones broadcast it to the world. A Scott Kay ring is the perfect sign of your perfect marriage, the eternally valuable emblem of your destiny!

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